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Apple Kurfürstendamm — Charlottenburg — 190 tips from 12400 visitors

  • «One of few Apple Stores that you can find special Hermes Apple Watch»(8 Tips)

    «when Apple products»(3 Tips)

    «Super fast service and friendly staff.»(14 Tips)

    «Cool products friendly staff and as always free wifi.»(6 Tips)

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  • Useless place. You need to make an online reservation to meet someone who will make you an another reservation for what you need! Reservation to get a reservation!

  • SUPER busy — ALWAYS! But every time I went the staff was friendly, knowledgable & could always help me out. As you would expect from apple the store has a clean design. Great location to test things😊

  • Very friendly and serviceminded staff. They did all they could do to help me when my phone stopped working (bad simcard). A place to visit when in Berlin.

  • Do you remember the time when Apple products made you more productive & the support was excellent? At least the latter seems to be a thing of the past.

  • Super fast service and friendly staff. Good place for new releases. Tip: ‘download the apple store app, and see what is available on store to but, saves you time, as shows real time of warehouse’

  • An old opera house and now the flagship store of Apple in Germany. Beautifully renovated, you gotta see what’s behind the walls! It has a mini concert hall!

  • Beautiful store, beautiful building. This is where you can spend hours trying out all the gadgets and stuff they have here. Want to buy something? Ask a staffmember, they’re walking pay desks!

  • No more Munich or Frankfurt 👍👍👍 as an apple product fans i couldn’t be more happier. The staff are very friendly and helpful the whole experience was just super great

  • My second home. But really, expect for the different entourage the same excellent (German and English!) service and experience!

  • Expect Berlin standards of customer service, rather than US Apple Store levels. Staff are friendly enough, but be prepared to wait.

  • Great and friendly service. They make you always want to stay and buy, and it’s nice coming back since the surroundings are beautiful.

  • Beautiful store ever seen in Germany. Very nice staffs and they really get attention to help you

  • Nice Apple Store. Worth the visit if you like Apple products. You can use their Wi-Fi connection if you need to.

  • Very good and friendly staff. I was able to replace my phone under apple care+, although I am not living in Germany.

  • Nice consulting, but you get the stuff on the internet much cheaper. Went here also for reparing my iPhone and I needed to go twice because they forgot to connect the audio controls.

  • 3 (what I would consider) simple questions no solution. Only that I must make an appointment with a blah blah blah. An independent store in Berlin has all the answers for a cheap price!!

  • Big space full of boy toys and expensive musical equipment. Fun for Apple geeks like me.

  • Don’t be deceived by the posh interior. The queues and atmosphere are not too dissimilar from those at an average Bürgeramt.

  • Great service, but super busy — all the time. Be prepared to wait. Maybe bring snacks and a drink.

  • Apple products and free wifi, which is hard to come by in Berlin!

  • Wow, what a store! Didn’t know there could be so many helpful staff members in any store. You certainly don’t have to look for one.

  • Crazily crowded, rather quick, hassle free -if you booked in advance! Grüße, Regards, Saludos, счастливо. Julian

  • If you have a serious data or software problem and you need someone to fix it with humor, kindness and intelligence ask for FRANK! He can solve any problem.

  • Having only been to Apple stores in California I’m happy to report customer service here lives up to the good ol’ standard: either useless, awkward or rude. Pick the internet if you need actual help!

  • Experienced a dysfunctional store. In the morning got on the SMS waitlist to service a broken Macbook. Estimated wait time 4-7 hours. After 8 hours waiting went to Gravis instead, no lines there.

  • Well it’s your typical  Store. Cool products friendly staff and as always free wifi.

  • Just like any other Apple store: beautiful interior, friendly staff.

  • You can finally charge your Android phone here

  • very helpful folks, easy to get an appointment.. how nice to get replacements for my purchases from usa here in the Hauptstadt? very nice!

  • Most beautiful Store and the cutest staff ♥️

  • When you see over the world several Apple stores, this one is the same as the other ones.

  • Compared to other Apple stores worldwide this one is quite basic and unimpressive. It’s a great place if you enjoy waiting even if you have an appointment there.

  • Dogs accepted! (Saw this pug last time)

  • Efficient but super busy although very nice and helpful attendants

  • Awesome customer support. In Apple Genius I believe.

  • Big, simple yet very creative store

  • One of few Apple Stores that you can find special Hermes Apple Watch

  • Beutiful building, free Wi-Fi but very crowded.

  • Check out the Teslas next door while you wait for your device to finish getting serviced.

  • Free wifi, for Genius Bar make appointment or go before they open

  • Stressful, chaotic place — I’ve never seen a shop as popular and full as this. I’ve also never seen so many confused and pissed off customers

  • Nice store. But too crowded. Berlin needs at least a second store in Mitte.

  • Amazing place! Changed my broken cable to a new one with no problems.

  • No appointments for a week — only option is to come early and wait. Also super annoying that they just have staff in the floor and no desk anymore. Impossible to get served on order.

  • Great place, free wifi, and a lot of electronics. All is usual in Apple store.

  • They changed my #bended iPhone, very nice and quick service when you got a appointment.

  • Huge Apple Store, very few products on the shelves. Eerily empty when I was there.

  • The staff just very friendly and that is the bonus.

  • It’s amazing how long queue people can form just to be mong the first ones on newly opened Apple store:)

  • Wow . Its just incredible!

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Apple открыла новый магазин в Берлине

3 января 2022 г. | Новости, Магазины, Дизайн магазинов и визуальный мерчендайзинг, Покупки сегодня

Новый магазин демонстрирует креативность и разнообразие столицы Германии

2 декабря Apple открывает свой новый берлинский магазин на Розенталерштрассе, первый магазин Apple Store в районе Берлин-Митте. Новый магазин расположен в восточной части столицы и предлагает покупателям простой и быстрый способ познакомиться с новинками как раз к праздникам и развить свои навыки, чтобы вывести свое творчество на новый уровень.

«Мы рады открыть наш второй магазин в Берлине, прямо в центре Митте, — сказала Дейдра О’Брайен, старший вице-президент Apple по розничной торговле и персоналу. «Сочетание исключительных технологий и инструментов Apple с творческой страстью, которую мы разделяем с этим сообществом, дает нам возможность создать что-то действительно особенное для наших клиентов в Германии».

Новый специальный пункт выдачи Apple Pickup, первый в своем роде в Европе, делает получение покупателями товаров, заказанных онлайн, еще более удобным. © Apple Inc.

В рамках открытия выставки Today at Apple выступили берлинские художники из коллектива иллюстраторов Parallel Universe. Каждый художник делал живые рисунки с уникальным подходом к творческому духу Митте на iPad Pro. Apple также приветствовала ряд художников и создателей, демонстрирующих свои уникальные взгляды на местное сообщество, в том числе визуальных художников Зебу Руохана Вана.

Apple с конкретными планами на 2022 год

Запланированное на следующий год в Берлине также ожидается расширение выставки Today в Apple Creative Studios. Creative Studios — это глобальная инициатива Apple, которая предоставляет наставничество для построения карьеры, обучение профессиональным навыкам, инструменты и творческие ресурсы для недостаточно представленных сообществ. Apple будет тесно сотрудничать с местными некоммерческими и общественными организациями, чтобы связать молодых людей с наставниками и известными художниками по всему Берлину, чтобы развивать и развивать их творческие таланты.

Новый торговый центр расположен рядом с оживленным районом Хакеше Хёфе, в окружении дизайнерских фирм, художественных студий и некоторых исторических мест Берлина. Войдя в магазин, посетители увидят уникально оформленные семиметровые окна от пола до потолка и высокие деревья. Клиенты могут ознакомиться с новейшей линейкой продуктов и услуг Apple на столах и авеню, которые теперь включают Apple Fitness+ после его запуска в Германии.

Новый магазин предоставляет покупателям легкий доступ к новым продуктам и развитию навыков, позволяющих вывести их творчество на новый уровень.

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